39.8% of companies have no female representation on their boards of directors.

Only 18.8% of people serving on Board of Directors are women.

WE are here to change that.

The Women’s Exchange (WE) exists to bring visible and equitable female representation to boards of directors.

WE is a community of women who are willing to use their networks and influence to encourage women to achieve success and leadership roles in Tampa Bay.

WE seek to transform the dynamic for women by providing access, advice, and advocacy for women seeking positions on boards of directors. Through the sharing of values and professional experiences, our members can increase the number of women in leadership.

Together, WE can lead Tampa to new levels of growth and productivity.

Meet Our Board

Maruchi Azorin

Owner, Villa Rosa Distinctive Linens

Bridgette Bello

President & Publisher, Tampa Bay Business Journal

Trimeka Benjamin

President, Swim Digital Group

Renee Dabbs

Principal, Renee Dabbs, LLC

Katie Franco

Senior Director, Best Buddies International

Sandy Murman

County Commissioner, Hillsborough, Florida

Kathleen Peters

State Representative, Florida House of Representatives

Karen Seel

County Commissioner, Pinellas, Florida

Kathleen Shanahan

Chairman of the Board, Ground Works Solutions

Deborah Cox-Roush

DCR Creative Solutions of Florida