Mayor Buckhorn Appoints Kathleen Shanahan to Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority Board of Directors

Mayor Bob Buckhorn will appoint Kathleen Mary Shanahan to represent the City of Tampa on the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) Board of Directors.

“Kathleen shares my vision and my sense of urgency to provide residents with the transportation options they need and deserve. She also appreciates transportation’s role within our continued growth and economic development, and understands how we can create options that are worth investing in,” said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. “Her wealth of experience in business and government matches our ambitions, and I look forward to having her on the Board.”

Ms. Shanahan currently serves as the Chair and CEO of URETEK Holdings, Inc. in Tampa, and was previously the chair and CEO of WRScompass. In addition to her business career, Shanahan has also served as Chief of Staff to former Governor Jeb Bush as well as in a variety of other roles throughout government and politics.

Pending City Council approval, Shanahan will serve for a three year term commencing November 1, 2014 and ending October 31, 2017. Shanahan replaces outgoing board member Fran Davin.

This article originally featured on the City of Tampa. Written by Anonymous.