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The girls should choose one idea and draw or create the product to make it even better. Our cafeteria space isnt very green, and wed also like to make the space more fun for younger students. Journey for Girl Scouts If anyone asks me who I am, I say Im a Southerner. Add to Cart Quick View. Listening to my grandmother and reading those stories made me feel great inside. But, thats a good idea. Some questions you might ask in your interview: Also ask your role model what values and qualities in the Girl Scout Law are most important in her roles, and why they're important to her. You can print a set out for each girl and give them a certificate for every badge or pin they earn and journey level they complete! Beth Anne:But some of us dont really identify with a particular group. Finally, the scouts will need to learn more about endangered animals in The Arctic Circle, The Gulf of Mexico or the Amazon Rainforest. During the interview, match the roles to the specific leadership skills and characteristics of the Girl Scout Law. Trying on new roles and realizing their limitless potentialthat builds confidence! And I hate when other kids think my father must be in the Mafia! You'll imagine, create and try-out new roles for yourselves. On this journey you will explore all the roles available for women and girls. These represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn. There are lots of reasons for poverty or homelessness, and theyre complicated. To add a second part to this badge, use a type of art that was popular during the time period of their character. Other traits girls might use could include athletic, studious, creative, artist, brave, friendly, caring, etc. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for aMUSE (Journey Books, Junior 3) by Andrea Bastiani Archibald - contributor,Valer at the best online prices at eBay! ________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Elderly customers have a hard time carrying their groceries out to their car at our local store. Beth Anne:And make an effort. The most important part is to allow your girls the opportunity to plan the celebrations throughout the journey or the celebration at the end of the journey. Going along with the panel discussion, your scouts could provide snacks for their guests. We will present our ideas and then decide as a team. award, the scouts will work to discover a variety of roles that women and girls perform in todays society. This website is served for you to back whatever to locate the book. Some troops love to celebrate after earning each award, while others would rather have one big celebration after the completion of the entire journey. Buying handbooks, badge guides, journey books, and badges can be very costly, so the Volunteer Toolkit is a great free resource. The girls can either search for the boxes together or individually. My grandmother has told me stories since I was a baby about women in my family who were really strong. What does your body do that makes you most proud? Pairs well with Junior Product Designer Badge, Stereotype Busting Comics 20 minutes: The scouts can work in partners, groups, or individually to create a stereotype busting comic. Add in your own. I dont think they really want to be friends with anyone else. And look beyond stereotypes that you might learn from TV and books and magazinesor even from adults. aMUSE On this journey Juniors try on whatever roles they choose for themselves, then get creativein any way they like! The aMUSE Junior Girl Scout Journey has a few key takeaways for the girls. I mean, even at schooland the ones I do see always hang together. Check the ones she thinks are key, and write her reason beside it: What do you see and hear around you? Lets meet the participants at an imaginary National Forum on Kids and Prejudice. I mean, even at schooland the ones I do see always hang together. And respect yourself. Upload; Login / Register. Junior aMUSE Journey Activity Plan 1 Purpose: When girls have earned this award, they'll understand the many roles women and girls play in the world around them and the leadership skills they use. When planning additional creative want to make decisions and express the ir opinions. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc or its affiliates. 3 Time Required: 15 minutes Opening Session Materials Journey Books for the Girl Scouts who ordered theirs during Registration Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Law written on large paper (or poster board) Masking tape or other means to post the Girl Scout Promise & Law posters Copies of the words to "Yes She Can" What each person says is important, so give each other the chance to speak. A stereotype is an overly simple view of someone or a group of people. What would you put in your story to show how to bust this stereotype? Okay, the next ground rule should be obvious: No name-calling, no disrespect, and no laughing at what other people say. Maybe include shape, color, or form. Session Plans Make the Most of Juniors' Skills The Sample Session plans starting on page 28 of fer opportunities for the girls to enhance the ir skills and develop new ones while taking into account the abilities and needs of Junior-age girls. The Junior aMUSE Journey pairs nicely with a few Girl Scout Junior badges. However, ceremonies and celebrations are such an important part of Girl Scouts and journeys. Were not saying you cant have a sense of humor; lots of times that helps a tense situation. Making fun of other people doesnt make me feel good.. To best pair this badge with the aMUSE journey, begin by exploring stereotypes related to camping or animals. Join our newsletter to receive family freebies and tips in your inbox. Tell them that today, they will act as the executives in charge of picking the pictures used to sell products to young people. But, ethnic jokes are wrong. You know, its a small world sort of thing. Ill start. Once the girls have a good understanding of the product, they should brainstorm 5 different ways to make the product better. Then discuss with your scouts how to move beyond these stereotypes. 6) Your girls will take action to benefit their community by helping others to recognize and overcome stereotypes and pursue new roles. On this Journey, Girl Scout Juniors will explore all the roles Haile:That might be easy for you, Bernadette, but for some of us, its not so easy. Find places where different people can work together. Each girl takes turns choosing a role and acting out the role for the troop. What other roles do you hope to try at some point? To pair with the Girl Scout Junior aMUSE Journey, the girls may choose a product from the different magazine ads used to learn more about stereotypes. Check the item description for details. The scouts record specific women or girls that the know, or heroines that they have learned about, the roles these women or girls have in society, and specific behaviors that support each role. *** This is a fillable pdf file with junior badge, pin and journey certificates. The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. Point out that these attributes are some of the ones that people might unthinkingly use to limit a persons roles and that no one should feel limited. JUNIOR AGENT OF CHANGE JOURNEY BOOK $ 7.00. Cast:Yvonne, Bernadette, Roberta, Andrea, Haile, Debbie, Kristin, Beth Anne. And Im embarrassed because I really know how it feels when people look at you and expect you to behave a certain way. If you ever find yourself casting people in certain roles without thinking about them as individuals first, you might be using a stereotype. Anyway, lets go over our rules. Who was she or he and why? We absolutely love scouting with our daughter. Maybe there is a stereotype that has been applied to them or that they have put on others. Are they roles you never imagined trying? You can let someone know his joke isnt funnyHey, putting people down isnt very funny, or Lets be positive. Your scouts will gain an understanding for their limitless potential. For examples, the girls could sculpt, paint, draw, or build their self portrait. Observe your community for the next week or so. She is given two minutes in which to hide. Required fields are marked *. And so sometimes I just listenbut then I get so angry with myself. Moreover, they will try on a variety of roles, learn about people and take action in their community using their leadership skills and storytelling. Award to just about 30 minutes. Haile:Thats really important. How can we respect what makes people different and unique if we ignore those things? And, not only racially different. 2) Your girls match roles to the leadership skills that support the specific role. 9) Create a variety of felt board people in regards to ethnicity, age, gender, size, ability. They will decide if the pictures are right for the ad or not. These will become a special time capsule to show the different roles that each of your Girl Scout Juniors currently plays in their life. considering this Junior Amuse Journey Guide tends to be the record that What is Energy? Gather whiteboard, dry erase markers, Stereotype list. award before the Speak Out! The girls can add a representation of another feeling or a goal. Then its easier to speak up. Then have each girl say one thing that helps describe who she really is. Gather the girls near the wall with the sticky notes and explain that each notes names one of the many roles girls and women can play in life. My family is all mixed up, so I dont really think of myself as belonging to an ethnic group. Emphasize the way prejudice develops and how it can be counteracted: Some people feel uncomfortable with those who are different from themselves. Any problems? When they realize they cannot tell you what is inside without seeing it first, explain to them that is exactly what they are doing when they stereotype others: judging without knowing what is on the inside. They expect me to be brilliant. Bernadette:Exactly! We found that a Saturday or Sunday morning through lunch or lunch and the afternoon worked best for a journey in a day. Go back to what Debbie said. Picture This 15 minutes: Give each scout a mirror to look in. For each Girl Scout journey, leaders have the option to purchase two books: a leaders guide for the specific journey and a girls handbook for the journey. Girls sit in a circle on chairs (or rope ring or hula hoop) and take turns asking questions that can be answered yes or no. Give It! The Try Out! amuse-award-tracker.pdf Download File Downloadable instructions paper_dolls_page_22-23.pdf Download File _role_model_dolls_25-apr-2020_11-40-28.pdf Download File Key to the Award Tracker Andrea:What are you sayinggirls cant be tough?! Find places where different people can work together. Then, stick them on a wall. Civilization-The Nomadic Journey Created by Helen Liptak This short skit is an amusing reinforcement activity for students learning the steps to civilizations. But, thats a good idea. Girl Scouts live on! Ask: What do you think about the roles you chose for yourself? There are annoying people of all racesbut its more of a respect thing. The girls can place one special trade item inside their prop box such as a friendship bracelet or SWAP. Your scouts can do this together as a group or individually. Junior Girl Scouts is a time for new exploration and leadership roles for your girls. Getting to know people as individuals helps break down stereotypes. The panel discussion is a great time to work on holding a conversation. Beth Anne:Well, no one is saying you have to like everybody. Everyone in the group was interested in helping people get along better, but no one was sure where to start. It also extends to the Cadette Journey MEdia, the Seniors Journey Mission:Sisterhood!, and the Ambassadors Journey BLISS: Live it! Hand out the supplies and let the girls know that they are about to try a fun way to learn how they picure various roles. This Product: JUNIOR AGENT OF CHANGE JOURNEY BOOK - $ 7.00; JUNIOR AGENT OF CHANGE JOURNEY LEADER BOOK - $ 4.25; . You can use the stereotype tracker on page 27 to assist with keeping track of all the stereotypes your scouts discover. 2. Write the active roles below on slips of paper. Mom is an educator and dad is a firefighter/paramedic. Why might a boy or girl want or not want to use this product? But, I feel uncomfortable. So, if I hear put-downs, I try hard to remember my great, great grandmother who supported her family with her own farm and managed to send two of her sons to college. As we worked through the journey awards, we often did circle back to previous awards to reinforce our learning. Lastly, add any other last touches about who they are or who they want to be. So we have usually opted for certificates to show the progress after each step and presentation of badges at the end of the journey. Add to Cart Quick View _ Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. For our Junior Girl Scouts, they were much more able to recognize bias when they thought about fairness. The other girls try to find her and when they do, they join her in the hiding place. What leadership traits do you see in the women around you that you aspire to? Explain to the girls that we are going to be talking about a specific kind of unfairness - prejudice and discrimination. Girls are only concerned about physical appearance. Are you seeing any stereotypical images in the ads? While on the geocaching site, be sure to find a Travel Bug and follow its trip on a map. Your email address will not be published. Youre forgiven. Provide time for your girls to share with each other. Kristin:And look beyond stereotypes that you might learn from TV and books and magazinesor even from adults. This is the aMUSE Journey. EXTRA 10% OFF 4+ ITEMS See all eligible items and terms. Your troop should decide how they want to celebrate their progress and completion of the journey. Bernadette:Were not saying you cant have a sense of humor; lots of times that helps a tense situation. Then we share the girls handbook throughout the meeting. When we limit the roles people can play - even in our minds - we put people in a role we choose for them, rather than a role they choose for themselves. Debbie:And have the courage to get beyond feeling self-conscious and make friends with people who are different. On this Journey, Girl Scout Juniors will explore all of the roles available for women and girls. While Stereotype and bias are the main vocabulary for the aMUSE Junior journey, there are a few additional words that can help the scouts while learning on this journey. Junior Amuse Journey Guide to read. Story. Haile:Wowyou know, I think I always thought that too. So, what are the important things that we are all saying here? girls' book, page 55 prepare aheaD Read "keep a Casting Call Log" and "The Callback" in the girls' book, pages 16-17 and 28-35. How it affects them, how it makes them feel or how they wish things were. And so many chapters yet to be written. A lot of countries dont have our freedom of speech! The scouts may also wish to explore roles of their favorite heroines. Not only will the scouts begin to document how they use the Girl Scout Law in their lives, but they will search for ways that their heroines embody the Girl Scout Law. Online Only. Beth Anne:At the same time, when people emphasize the similarities, what happens to the differences? ________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________. Ask the girls to fill out the log with women they see daily (at home, on the way to school, in the halls, in class, at lunch, after school - they dont have to know their names) and what roles those women play. Youll imagine, create and try-out new roles for yourselves. Sometimes, I tell people, hey, Im Jewish and then everyone gets really embarrassed and uncomfortable. Exciting stuff. JUNIOR HANDBOOK $ 9.00. Did they draw certain roles as men or women? You can add to it after todays meeting, too. Then discuss with the girls how it felt to repeat another girls statement about themselves and how using a different voice felt. All Asians are geniuses and know kung fu. Print out examples of Bronze Award projects. Bernadette, you brought your notes with you? { Daisy Badge Tracker } - updated 7/1/2021 { Brownie Badge Tracker } - updated 7/1/2021 { Junior Badge Tracker } - updated 7/1/2021 { Cadette Badge Tracker } - updated 7/1/2021 Social Butterfly Junior Badge dives into the etiquette and manners of the day. That was what I was always taught by my parents and teachersall people are basically the same. Seek Adventure High-Low Top. Get Your FREE Copy Today! The aMUSE journey builds the Take Action Project right into the journey itself. How do you thank your body for doing that? Mingle, Mingle, Mingle Game 10 minutes: Choose one girl to be a leader. Award in about 30 minutes. Speak Out! Try to direct the conversation to let the girls know that it is nice to b attractive but most roles in life call for bodies that are healthy and skilled. Bernadette:You should never just listen. Setting:The whole group is meeting for the first time. Pairs well with Junior Animal Habitats Badge. But remember, a Take Action Project is more than community service. Respect your own heritage. Remember that the adult book, "How to Guide Girl Scout Juniors Through aMUSE, It's Your Story--Tell It! And, well, isnt that the way to stop people from hating each otherby talking about how people are really the same? aMUSE Junior Journey Award Set. Ask girls to look through magazines and cut out a variety of advertisements, which they should place in the center of the table. Ask the scouts to look at the different pictures they found beautiful and look for similarities and differences. Leave a comment below and let us know if youve tried the aMUSE Junior journey. You have to work on your own attitudesand then work on the attitudes of others. Your email address will not be published. To save time when earning the aMUSE Junior Journey in just one day, you might focus on the magazine ad stereotypes or the role-play switcheroo to introduce stereotypes to your girls. Finally, your girls should prepare for their special badge presentation or take action project ceremony. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Theres a girl in my apartment building. Junior Program guide for It's Your Story Tell It! Have the girls add one or more of their thumbs-up items with a word, image or color. Book Condition: New. Have the girls choose one or two fo the roles (chosen by them, for them or one they want to try) and turn it into something on their projecta word, picture, color, shape (literal or interpretation). You have to work on your own attitudesand then work on the attitudes of others. Kristin:Well, I think that if I start by just talking to one personone on onemaybe someone I sit next to in class or in band with meand take it from there. To begin your girls will need to hold a conversation. Did your girls love the journey as much as ours? What role did you take on at some point in your life that you never really expected to have? Once the girls draw 4 pictures, take a moment to discuss. Learn more about it. If your troop would like to complete the aMUSE Junior Journey in just one day, you will need to modify the Reach Out! They will need to choose one stereotype to bust or stamp out. When you say, Start, all girls will have one minute to grab some roles and stick them on themselves and one another. This book is all about YOU! Girl may include a friendship bracelet to show they are a friend, a patch to show they are a Girl Scout, a dance shoe to show they are a dancer, etc. We are a family of 6 with 4 wonderful becoming bilingual children who loves scouting, camping, and hiking with their family. Now get the girls talking about who they see on TV or in the movies in those roles, whether they are mostly males or females, and how what they see may affect the way they think about certain roles. The scouts should present these stories to their families, friends, or community. And Im embarrassed because I really know how it feels when people look at you and expect you to behave a certain way. ________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Ask girls to fill in the blanks by choosing two different actions they will take to stop prejudice and discrimination. Which of the roles played by these women might you like to try? Try with 3, 4 or more people. Thats part of the problem: jokes that make fun of people because of their race or because of anythingage, gender, abilities. While you do not need to complete each journey in the set, the journey concepts do build and go more in depth with each progressive level. Would you react the same or differently if it happened again? By clicking "Accept," you consent to the use of ALL cookies. The first two goals focus on the Reach Out! You heard me correctly! 1) Junior Girl Scouts understand the different roles that women and girls take including noticing that many women have multiple roles that describe them. I will (1)______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________, (2)______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________, ____________________________________________________________, SignatureDate, ________________________________________________________________________________, WitnessWitness, Organize a park clean up with your neighbors, Assemble and five first-aid kits to flood victims, Teach younger kids about severe weather procedures and have them help you make first aid kits for flood victims, Mentor younger girls on healthy friendships, Make and donate blankets to an animal shelter. Add to Cart Quick View _ Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Enter your Name and E-mail to to Get Your FREE Girl Scout Leaders Campsite Guide with all the best questions to ask and a done for you packing list. Do any girls or boys you know use this product? This journey will help your scouts to learn more about their own identify and sense of sell, while learning how to be emotionally, physically, mentally and socially healthy in their every day lives. Do the girls have anything similar in their drawings? And, well, isnt that the way to stop people from hating each otherby talking about how people are really the same? Any joke that puts people down is not funny. The aMUSE Junior Journey specifically focuses on combining storytelling with the many roles that your girls may one day explore. 9:20 9:35am Role Play Switcheroo or Magazine Ads, 9:35 9:45am Snack and Music Break (Could play the Mingle, Mingle, Mingle Game), 10:00 10:20am Stereotype Busting Comics, 10:35 10:45am Listen to My Inner Critic, 10:45 11:00am Brainstorming Take Action Projects, 11:00 11:30am Planning Take Action Project, 11:30 12:00pm LUNCH and The Real Me Game. dustin moskovitz covid, christiana hospital visiting hours,

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