Member Questions

The Women’s Exchange (WE) is a non-profit organization committed to providing an exchange of information for women seeking positions on board of directors or committees. Our community of women are successful and qualified women in the Tampa Bay area. They are leaders in their industry, active in the community, and looking to expand their involvement.

Members of the Women’s Exchange are provided with information about open board or committee positions and directed to where they can apply to those positions. We also have a member directory and member forum so our members can connect and network with like-minded women. WE members also have access to events hosted by our partners or other local events that may be of interest to our members. WE board members are also able to serve as your advocate if you visit after you apply to a position.

An ideal Women’s Exchange member is someone who is currently involved or hoping to be involved in the community or a specific cause. She is hoping to join her first or next board of directors, or take on a committee position. She would like to make a difference in the community and in the organization she is a part of.

You can apply to be a member by filling out the application form on .

Yes, membership to join the Women’s Exchange is completely free.

No, we are simply an exchange of information for members; however, we do partner with great like-minded organizations that offer mentorship and training opportunities. Some of those organizations include Working Women of Tampa Bay and various Junior Leagues in the area.

Members now must log in to access full board positions. Visit your member portal and for more information. We also post open board positions on our various social media accounts,, and .

We mostly post board positions that are available in the areas of Hillsborough and Pinellas County; however, we occasionally post about statewide positions too. These opportunities are board and committee positions in the non-profit and government sectors.

Board positions are posted weekly or as the opportunities come available.

Each posted board position includes information about how to apply, along with the link to the application.

We do not send board positions to members based off of preferences. You can, however, narrow your board search by location and type of organization to better meet your preferences.

After you apply to a board position, we recommend that you let us know that you applied so that we can be your advocate. You can visit if you would like board advice or one of our WE board members to advocate for you.

If you have been selected as a committee or board member, congrats! Please visit so we can let our board members know and highlight you in our newsletters, website and social media. Joining a board or committee is a big accomplishment and we would like to showcase your success for other WE members to see.

Organization Questions

Non-profit and government organizations with open board or committee positions in Florida are able to post positions.

We prefer to post positions located in Hillsborough and Pinellas County, but if you have positions outside that area, please still send the information and we will review before posting.

For individual board positions, please submit your open position to . If you have multiple board positions, please email us at . Please see the next question to know what information is needed when submitting a board position.

We would like as much information about the open position as possible. Please provide:

  • A board description
  • How many open positions are available
  • Duration of term
  • Meeting schedule
  • Qualification requirements
  • Application deadline
  • Details about how to apply

Yes, while we mostly post open board positions, we do also share open committee positions.

Once you submit a board position and we ensure that we have all of the information needed, we will post the board position on and on our various social media platforms. If you post a board position or event on your social media and tag us, we can also share the posts on our , or .

No, we do not provide you with a list of our members. We post the position that you submit on our website or email to us, but from there, our members will review the positions and apply if they choose to. If the member has reached out to us to share that she applied for a specific position, our WE board members may serve as an advocate for her to serve on the board that she applied to.

Yes, along with posting board and committee positions on our website and social media, we also share events, workshops, and local news that we either find useful or that is shared with us via our email, .

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