Danielle Bayard Jackson Appointed as a Board Member of A Brighter Community

Tampa, FL, July 1, 2018 – Women’s Exchange member Danielle Bayard Jackson was appointed as a Board Member of A Brighter Community earlier this year. A Brighter Community is the oldest nonprofit preschool in Hillsborough County, and focuses on creating bright futures for at-risk children by building a foundation of support through education and quality programming. Their school aims to provide affordable childcare to low-income families.

Jackson’s passion for this organization is apparent through her ten years of advocating for children’s full access to quality education and resources. During her time as an educator for seven years and two years as English department chair, she has worked to ensure quality teaching, rigorous curricula, and well-rounded college and career prep for young people.

Jackson now is a public relations strategist for one of the largest private non-profit organizations in the nation. She assists in bring more publicity to programs that find loving homes for foster children; equip young people exiting the juvenile justice system with the skills they need to reintegrate into their communities; and provide educational support to children who would otherwise “fall through the cracks.” Her background in education has helped her create connections that have enhanced her impact in the overall mission of the organization.

In addition to her work with nonprofits, Jackson volunteers in the community by sharing public relations advice with minority-owned small businesses to promote their services. She also serves as a “Big” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program and as a mentor helping to increase child literacy through the United Way’s Reading Pals program.

She is also writing a book highlighting the ways in which young millennial women can successfully re-brand themselves.