We Want to Celebrate You

As women of the working world, we have built an alliance that enables each of us to achieve more together than we possibly could alone. This is a cause for celebration. We urge you to share your achievements with us as you accept and receive new positions on boards and committees. As a community of supporting and inviting women, we want to celebrate your successes.

Sharing your success is much more than simply receiving the rightful praise and recognition you deserve, but also shines a light for other women striving for achievements. Your successes serve as motivation and encouragement for women looking to leave their mark on the world. Reading your story and discovering what path you took to get there allows for other women to learn from your experience in order to achieve their own goals.

We’d like to encourage you to share when you or another Women’s Exchange member gets appointed to a board. Please send us an email at thewomenexchange@gmail.com so that we can highlight your success and inspire other women!